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Cuban Arts Today

Cuban Arts Today is a cultural site to exhibit art. It is a mixture of styles, techniques, schools and generations of artists, mainly Cuban.

The founders, with more than 20 years of experience in the art world are hoping to turn this site into a point of contact for the realization of cultural and artistic projects.

Cuban Arts today also aims to be a source of art for all types of buyers; from the collector adding to an eclectic art collection to the casual buyer wanting a piece of timeless art for their home or office.

Cuban Arts Today want to be a vital bridge between Cuban artists and the world.


  • Photo of Miroslav de la Torre Kozorez
  • Photo of Enrique Wong Díaz
  • Photo of Angel Eusebio Rivero Sierra
  • Photo of Súlian Linares Ramos
  • Photo of Javier Guerra Fernández
  • Photo of Carlos Alberto Llanes Rodríguez
  • Photo of Alfredo Álvarez Valmaña
  • Photo of Nelson Domínguez Cedeño
  • Photo of Alejandro García Rodríguez
  • Photo of Federico Reiners Cobas
  • Photo of Patricio de la Guardia Font
  • Photo of Arturo Montoto Echevarría
  • Photo of Daymara Orasma Cruz
  • Photo of José Xavier Carvajal Mosquera
  • Photo of Áisar Jalil Abdalá Martinez
  • Photo of Sándor González Vilar
  • Photo of Jorge del Sol Baylac
  • Photo of Ernesto García Peña
  • Photo of Ítalo Esposito Lo Giudice
  • Photo of Julián Espinosa Rebollido


Alicia de la Campa Pak


Exposición de artistas en el Memorial José Martí
Foto del Memorial José Martí

Art Works

Work of Alexander Izquierdo Plasencia Work of Carlos Manuel Guzmán Hernández
Work of Roberto Fabelo Pérez Work of Fernando Pendas Fernández
Work of Lester Campa Melo Work of Agustin Guadalupe Bejarano Caballero
Work of Arredondo Ireme Work of Joan García
Work of Joel Jover Llenderoso Work of Michel Mirabal Martínez